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Sportsmen, Inc 2021 Public Events, Club Meetings and Work Days

February 9- Club Meeting

March 9- Club Meeting

March 27- Work Day

April 11- Korean War Match

April 13- Club Meeting

April 24- Work Day

May 2- Black Powder Shoot and CMP 22 Sporter

May 9, 16, 23 and 30 - Black Powder Shoot

May 22- Kid's Day

June 5 – Work Day

June 6- 45/70 Rifle Match

June 8- Club Meeting

June 13- .22 Pistol Match

June 20- AR Match

June 26- Work Day

June 27- Korean War Match

July 4- Three Gun Match

August- Poker Trap Shoot (TBA)

August 1- Carbine Match

August 8- CMP .22 (50yd) Shoot

August 15- Pistol Shoot

August 29- 100ys CMP Shoot

September 5, 12, 19 & 26- Black Powder Shoots

Sept 11 - Korean War Match (Saturday)

Sept- 14- Annual Membership Meeting

Sept 25-26- Hunters Education-(Herb) ?? tentative depends on Covid-19 limitations

Week of Sept. 6 and Sept 13- Hunters Education with Don Rosinski- Tentative- details TBA

October 2- Last Work Day of the Year

October 9&10, 16&17, 23&24, 30&31, - Sight in Days

November 6&7- Sight in Days

November 9 – Stew Night with the Legislators

December 14- Club Meeting

** Archery classes will be offered Spring and Fall- days, times - TBA

Because of Covid -19 and VT travel guidelines from hot spots- the board decided to limit new memberships to residents of Vermont and New Hampshire. This will not affect the current membership who need to renew.

Annual Meeting on September 8, 2020 at 6:30pm Sportsmen Club Pavilion

Renewal memberships are due by August 31 – GATE CODE WILL CHANGE ON 9-1-2020 We have a lot to catch up on and it's time to elect officers and there is one director's position open. Great time to become active in your club or at least put your two cents in. Agenda; Treasurer's report and proposed budget. Reading the minutes of last years annual meeting. Update on act 250 and overall effects of the pandemic. Safety and Sound reducing action- we are all responsible. Ordering of clay bird targets for trap. Update on the work days and review of dates for work days in September and October. Elections officer positions and one director position- Included is the descriptions of the President, Vice President, Membership Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer duties as listed in the Sportsmen Club By-Laws. Section 8: President A. The president shall preside at all meetings of the club and board of directors and enforce all laws and regulations of the club. The president shall perform such other duties as shall be imposed by the board of directors. The president, with the treasurer, shall sign all written contracts and written obligations of the club. B. The president, with the approval of the board of directors, shall have the power to appoint committees whenever it becomes necessary. Each committee shall consist of not more than ten active members of the club. Section 9: Vice President In the absence of the president, the president's duties shall be performed by the vice president. In event of the inability of the president to complete the term of office, the vice president shall act until the board of directors fills the office. Section 10: Membership Secretary The membership secretary shall keep a record of all fees, dues paid, membership, serial numbers assigned, deposits made, and unused applications returned. The membership secretary shall deposit all money in the bank as directed by the board of directors and shall present records/deposit slips to the treasurer. Section 11: Recording Secretary

1. The recording secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the club and board of directors, keep all official records, books, documents and correspondence of the club in such a place as designated by the board of directors, and shall issue all notices of meetings called in accordance with these bylaws.

2. In the absence of the recording secretary the president may ask any member to take the notes of meetings. Section 12: Treasurer 1. The treasurer shall keep account of all money paid and all record/deposit slips of deposits made in the club's name. Any money of the club paid out will be done so only as approved by the board of directors or officers authorized by the board of directors for such purposes. Each check shall be countersigned by an officer or director. The treasurer shall not be held responsible for money or funds of the club paid out or disbursed via checks or vouchers that were properly countersigned. 2. At each meeting of the club and board of directors, the treasurer shall make a statement of the financial condition of the club. At the annual meeting the treasurer shall make a statement of the financial condition of the club along with a detailed report of the financial condition of the club for the preceding year. The yearly report may be audited by accountants designated by the board of directors, provided that no officer or director of the club be eligible for such appointment. If any member is interested in being nominated for a board of director's position please contact one of the board members. Contact information is listed on the Sportsmen Inc website

Memberships may now be purchased at Elite Vinyl

Please call Jason at 802-451-6929 to set up a time to purchase in person

NRA Member for Sept 1,2020 to August 30, 2021 – 80.00

Work fee 40.00

Total $120.00

Non NRA Member for Sept 1, 2020 to August 30, 2021 90.00

Work Fee 40.00

Total $130.00

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Monthly Meeting

Attention Trap Shooters!

Sportsmen Inc.will be hosting Trap every Sunday starting at 1:00pm and finishing up at 3:00pm.


Security Concern !!

This needs the attention of all Members Please

The gate was closed but the lock was not locked. Maybe it was frozen

or just didn’t catch. Please upon leaving check and double check that the lock did in fact lock

if a problem is found please notify one of the directors asap

Thank you

Mandatory Club Membership Orientation

All new members must attend a Club Orientation in order to receive their gate key and use of the ranges at the club. THIS IS A ONE TIME ORIENTATION. Upon completion you will receive your key and your membership card will be validated. The following year, and all thereafter will only require your validated membership card for renewal. To make an appointment for your orientation Call Ed Heathwaite @ 802-258-4607 or Herb Meyer @ 802-257-1256

New Lead Management Plan

We have our new plan which must be followed. Please be sure you fill in the book with the number of rounds you used that day. No name just the number of rounds. This is a requirement of the LMP and we hope everyone cooperates with this effort. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Sportsmen Inc of Guilford Vermont is a non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation through educational programs and activities.

Since 1940 Sportsmen, Inc. has promoted responsible fishing, hunting, trapping, archery, and the shooting sports.

We are affiliated with the National Rifle Association, The Vermont Federation of Sportsmens Club and The Civilian Marksmanship Program. Sportsmen, Inc. is one of the largest sporting groups in Southern Vermont.