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Our Board of Directors are active in running our club for the benefit of ALL our members, and for the future of our club. These are not paid positions and these folks put in a lot of time for the benefit of all. Why not get involved and see just what it takes to keep an organization like ours going and growing.


President. Georgina Carley 603-762-0816

Vice-Pres. Ben Meyer-Wood 802-380-9106

Treasurer. Don Spencer ** 802-490-2989

Secretary Anne Meyer 802-376-3947

Membership Angela Sherman 802-579-8684

Director; Marv Carley 603-313-9975

Director: Mike Morgan 802-689-0348

Director /Archery Karon Given 802-254-6097

Director. Harry Heilman 802-380-0683

Director. Serena Benedict

Director - vacant

* New Member Orientation Leaders**

Ed Heathwaite - 802-258-4607

Don Spencer - 802-490-2989